Internet analysis

 When is it used?

When the need arises to obtain initial information regarding the market situation/user opinions/consumer needs/actions taken by the competition. Internet analyses are recommended as an introduction to a majority of the comprehensive market research. In some cases, the Internet analysis is able to replace classic consumer research.

 How is information obtained?

This is research conducted on the basis of the analysis of the data collected in the web such as: internet forums/sector websites/expert opinions/blogs/user comments/ competitors’ websites with the use of ARKET’s original methodology.

 Benefits of the research/analysis

Thanks to internet analyses, it is possible to obtain initial information allowing to identify advantages and possible business problems of a given enterprise. Information obtained during an internet analysis is verified in the course of further research. As a rule, most of it is confirmed, while a part of it is not. The internet analysis should be a standard in comprehensive research, among others, due to the ever growing informational as well as opinion forming impact of the internet.


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