Arket Basic

when simply BASIC information suffices. ARKET Basic is a package of partial information on the market topic or issue of interest for the client, providing responses to only several selected, simple questions.


Arket Optima

CLASSIC market research. ARKET carries out qualitative and quantitative research, face-to-face and CATI, Mystery Shopping and FGI, IDI as well as brief groups, ethnographic observations as well as Internet analysis, reports on the basis of collected data and Internet polls, PAPI and CAPI interviews. From product testing to customer needs research, from brand awareness research to consumer profiles, from satisfaction research to image research, from marketing concept tests to searching for insights. Each project is tailor-made.


Arket Premium

MORE. We create comprehensive solutions. This means convenience and additional benefits for the clients. Research is not everything. At times, we invite the participation of specialists from other sectors. Regardless of the nature of the project, we provide a meeting ground for designers and management consultants, HR analysts and trainers, biotechnologists and strategy consultants… Together, thanks to creativity in cooperation and to the combined knowledge and experience from various fields, we can, along with our clients, face the most unusual business challenges.


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