Market analysis

 When is it used?

When the Ordering Party wants to know what the market situation in a given sector is, including the share of the most important market players, what the competitive environment is like, what the main trends and prognoses regarding the directions and scale of the market’s development are.

 How is information obtained?

Market analyses are conducted based on combining various methods such as data analysis with qualitative and quantitative research and analytical prognoses. Before the commissioning of such research, it is worth checking to see whether a report on a given subject is already accessible, available for purchase by many companies, as a result of which its price is significantly lower than the one commissioned by the client. We offer assistance in searching for a report which can partially replace market research.

 Benefits of the research/analysis

Thanks to the general knowledge of the market situation in a given sector, widely understood strategic decisions such as the following can be consciously taken: introducing a product onto the market, increasing investments in a given sector in relation to its planned development, etc. The tailor-made market analyses also allow for optimising the sales and communication strategies.


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